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The Real Estate Agent receives a listing agreement from the seller, checks the description (technical, administrative, and legal) of the property on sale, searches for a prospective buyer, receives an offer and, if this is accepted, leads the parties to the sale deed, possibly upon the signing of a preliminary contract .
The Agent is entitled to receive his commission when the seller accepts the offer and the commission is paid upon the signing of the preliminary contract; the agent keeps assisting his clients until the sale deed.

Similarly, we provide leasing assistance, which ends upon the signing of a lease agreement, or other forms of properties or companies assignment.

In particular, we handle: 

  • search for real estate properties: we start with a cognitive survey to understand your needs, then we focus on those properties which may meet your request and support you every step of the process until the purchase or lease, helping you with the paperwork procedures till the deed or lease agreement, and beyond.
  • sale and rental of your property: if you own a property we can help you with the appraisal and sale until you close the deal, providing you with our assistance every step of the negotiation process.
  • commercialisation of your property: you can take advantage of a customised service through a personalised marketing plan, trade magazines, newspapers, ads on our websites and on the major real estate portals, buyer's selection through our data base.
  • property management: we can manage your property, completing all the paperwork and obligations required for the property maintenance and taking care of all the problems that may arise. In case of leased property, our services include: leasing consulting, contract registration and renewal management, utilities transfer, technical and contractual assistance.
  • investment properties: you can find apartments, offices, shops, etc., some of which are already rented with rent income, others are still vacant, but indicating the possible income.
  • vacation rentals in Costa Smeralda and Baja Sardinia (Sardinia): you can contact our agency also for short term vacation rentals; we offer various types of fully furnished real estate, near the beach, public transport, and shops. We provide cleaning and laundry services, tailoring, baby sitting, catering, beach services, car and boat rentals.
  • consulting services concerning technical and legal aspects, taxation, legislation, etc. by qualified professionals.

 Whether you turned to our agency during the negotiation or not, we also provide you with:   

  • technical, contractual assistance selecting the property and in the negotiation process
  • real estate commercial appraisal and/or certified sworn appraisal
  • technical assistance in design and construction/restoration
  • urban and building consulting
  • completing paperwork required after the purchase, such as transfer of utility contracts

  In order to get a mortgage, we provide consulting and assistance for verification by Auxilia Finance Srl, free of charge